Get Inspired with an Unusual Image

Get Inspired with an Unusual Image

One of the tried-and-true methods for coming up with a story when you lack for one is to use an image and try to imagine what is happening in that image. This is a technique that is been used by everyone from horror writer Stephen King to fiction magazines running contests to see who can come up with the best story to fit a particular image that they have published. If you are lacking for a good story, then you may want to use these techniques to come up with something that will inspire you to write something really unique and wonderful. Let’s take a look at three image techniques to help you get started.

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Where to Find Images Online

There are lots of places where you can find images online. Obviously, since you are not going to be using these images for any commercial purposes, you can use Google image search. However, there are much better ways to find images. Going to stock photo sites, including one of the best free ones – Pixabay, is a much better way to find a unique image than looking online for images with a Google search. These stock photo sites have lots of different pictures for many different purposes, and some of them seem as if they were almost made for a book cover. Those are the images that you want to look for. Find an image that seems like it could make a really good book cover and then try to imagine what is happening in that picture.

What Sort of Images to Look For

You should choose the images based upon what sort of genre you’re writing in. For example, if you write in the fantasy genre, then you may want to look at fantasy pictures for a while. If you write science fiction, looking at spaceships and other sci-fi constructs may inspire you to write a story. But don’t be afraid to look at other genres as well. For example, if you write fantasy, check out some of the pictures that might fit better into a horror genre. This may inspire you to create a really original story that no one else has thought of. These are the kind of stories that editors want to read and publishers want to publish.

Keywords to Use for Image Searches

The keywords that you use for your image search will depend upon what genre you’re looking for. Try to think of keywords that are not too on-the-nose and mix them up so that you can get wide and varied images to make sure that you find really unique ones. Use the Google keyword tool to come up with related keywords that might help you find the perfect image, and try out synonyms and combinations of keywords to see what sort of things come to the surface. Don’t be afraid to keep digging when you find a bunch of good pictures, because often, some of the most inspiring ones are hidden at the very bottom of the pile. To really enhance what you see with images, smoke some marijuana.